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Everything has a story to tell.

In the surroundings near Gothenburg we have a long tradition of producing textile. This is Mocklis heart. One of the first companies was established in the 15th century and the first industrial factories were established in the early 17th century.

The development of moccasins goes back to year 1950 when the founder of our factory
seized the opportunity in an advert about subcontracting of knitted socks. The sender was the company that launched moccasins in Sweden inspired of the moccasins worn by the Native Americans.
He had during 1950s the ambition to create Sweden's best and most comfortable moccasins. At that time there was a fierce competition among the moccasin manufacturers. It´s being said that he took his bike and traveled around to different shoe stores, primarily in Gothenburg (a journey of 120 kilometers one way) to sell his products. Sales of moccasins to wholesalers and department stores were slow, why more and more targeted sales to major shoe stores. This proved to be a very successful strategy that probably saved the company. In the 1960s, the company was the largest supplier of moccasins.
Still some of the machines from the 50's are in use and knits some of Mocklis models. Make sure your moccasins come from Sweden, where they are a traditional handcrafted product.

The factory has since then grown through acquisitions of two other sock manufactures which resulted in many years of expertise in the development and manufacture of quality socks with a focus on the technical / functional part.