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In the Sjuhäradsbygden near Gothenburg we have a long tradition of producing textile. one of the first companies were established in the 15th century and the first industrial factories was established in the early 17th century.

The development of moccasins goes back to year 1950 when the founder of our factory:
Åke Johansson at the farm Ekeremma in Ljungsarp seized the opportunity in an advert that said; subcomtracting of knitted socks” the sender was Malmström & Co, the company that launched moccasins in Sweden inspired of the moccasins worn by the Indians in America.

Åke started to knit moccasins, soon the knitting got so extensive that the room in his parents' home was not enough to accommodate all the new knitting machines and personnel. This resulting in the hiring a number of pepole knitting socks in their own homes. Yet they used 25 m2 room at Åkes home to spool the yarn, knitting, packing goods deliveries and office work during the first eight years of the factorys history. 

Åkes factory operations during 1950 -'s had the ambition to create Sweden's best and most comfortable moccasins. At that time there was a fierce competition among the moccasin manufacturers. Therefore Åke begain to develop their moccasins as well as taking the bike and travel around to different shoe stores, primarily in Gothenburg (a journey of 120 kilometers one way) to sell their products. Thanks to the hard toil Åke spent paid off and in 1960 the factory was the leader in moccasin-making in Sweden. 
 Still some of the machines from the 50's are in use and knits Mocklis models such as Stina pink and Lily White in the now classic pattern knitting. Make sure your Swedish moccasins come from Sweden, where they are a traditional handcrafted product.